Hi, I am Software Engineer/Developer currently working for Founders4Schools.

However, I am always open to new opportunities in small to medium sized companies in the Cambridge area. Ideally these are not related to finance or hedge-funds, but offer the prospect to tackle interesting problems giving me the opportunity to expand my skill set while benefiting society along the way.

I have a keen interest in artificial intelligence/multi-agent systems, computer vision, machine learning, robotics & UI/UX.

Day-to-day I mainly use Python in particular the Django web framework, Bash & Javascript/HTML/CSS but I am always open to trying new languages & tools hence I am currently teaching myself Java/Android. I do have a fairly deep knowledge of Puppet as well as some experience with Ruby and C/C++


At degree level, I graduated with a 2:1 from Imperial College London reading Information Systems Engineering MEng.

I have taken a series of other courses either as part of my work or for my own interest:

Finally for my A levels I gained 2 A’s in Mathematics and Physics and 2 B’s in Further Mathematics and Computing


My current role is part of a very small development team at Founders4Schools in which we are continuing to improve the website. The mission of Founders4Schools is to improve the career prospects of todays children by connecting them with local Business Leaders to inspire them about business and the world of work.

Previously I worked at Ocado Technology which is the technology division of Ocado. I was working as part of team to developing new software platforms in span our local development, internal cloud systems, AWS & Google Cloud. This is based on Mesos & Marathon with a set of micro-services providing additional functionality allowing developers to declare mult-tier systems in a declarative fashion. In the past I have been responsible for automating existing infrastructure systems and developing new ones as part of the Netnix (Network & Unix) team.

For a year during at Imperial I worked at Cotswold Outdoor as a retail sales assistant in the London Covent Garden store, as well as doing various part time jobs at Imperial College London.

During my time at University, I worked in the Imperial College EEE Robotics lab on an autonomous helicopter project.


In my spare time I enjoy playing video games, board games, watching films, occasionally building bikes, and discussing the finer points of life otherwise known as a pint down the pub!

I am also interested in graphic design, keeping up with the latest technology & open source software, photography, and robotics.

I also enjoy cycling, skiing & rock climbing as well as having achieved grade 5 in the clarinet.

If your interested, you can download my CV here